When emotions or behavior interfere with our relationships or functioning, then it is time to get help.  You’re looking at this page and are therefore taking one of the hardest steps — reaching out.  I respect the struggle and pain that has brought you here, and I offer my many years of experience, and compassion to work together to create the healthy, balanced life you are looking for.   

There is an innate desire in all of us to love and be loved.  It calls to us from deep within — connections.  I am passionate about the theory of attachments (human connections) and how they govern our behavior.  Viewed through the lens of attachment theory, our out-of- sorts behaviors (addiction, depression, anxiety, anger, unhealthy sex, unhealthy eating, etc.) all have purpose.  Our emotions are the guide, and when we tap into them they will tell us the hard truth.  We often have to walk through the feelings to achieve lasting change.  Let’s walk through this together to find your healthy connections.

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